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Allons Enfants de la Gendarmerie

Pitch Allons Enfants de la Gendarmerie

A cartoon against French police violence over protesters

15 Dec 2018


Yes but then the cartoon moves in the opposite direction. I wanted the flag to be read from left to right, leading to the baton and to a darker area of the drawing.

17 Dec 2018

If you flip the entire cartoon, the person is right-handed again.

17 Dec 2018

That's a good one. My only doubt was that it would then be a left handed person, which is a bit rare maybe. But I agree the gloved fist creates problems.

17 Dec 2018

I would have maybe drawn the hand from the other side, so you can clearly see the thumb and fingers.

17 Dec 2018

Hey Tjeerd, yes you haven't been the only one telling me this. Blurring the fist didn't help I think. Any advice?

17 Dec 2018

It's a great concept, though I must admit it took me a while to see it was a hand holding a police baton. Did anyone else have that problem?

17 Dec 2018

Very good one, Emanuele !! my vote

16 Dec 2018

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