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Yellow vests after a car breakdown

Pitch Yellow vests after a car breakdown

One used to get help wearing vests like these. But times have changed...

10 Dec 2018


Thank you, Maarten.

12 Dec 2018

I see Enrico already answered this (I think) but yes BoiseEd: in most countries in Europe it is obligitary to have such vests in your car to be better seen when you have a car breakdown on the higway. That's why everyone has such vests ready to be worn. And since the movement started about the expensive diesel for cars it is even more fitting.

11 Dec 2018

Until the current troubles, I'd never heard of France requiring these yellow vests. I gather from this cartoon that their purpose is to signal "I need roadside help." Is that correct?

10 Dec 2018


10 Dec 2018

I was thinking about the same consequence, good one Maarten

10 Dec 2018

Super! My vote!

10 Dec 2018

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