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Gau Klux Klan

Pitch Gau Klux Klan

Cow vigilantism is rising in India, and right wing Hinduism is threatening the social fabric of India. Hence Gau (cow) Klux Klan. Yamraj (god of death) is scared of these crowds who lynch the innocent bystanders.

07 Dec 2018

Subroom: How to Build Sustainable Peace?


Very very good Shaunak

10 Dec 2018

@Nemo. It has been building up for some time now. We have beef eaters and beef haters. Some regard cow as holy and want other parts of India to tow the line. Besides cow vigilante often use this cover to sort personal matters.
With upcoming elections this polarity is being brought up for political mileage.

08 Dec 2018

Very good one, Shaunak !!

07 Dec 2018

Iis it a crisis that has been developping for a long time or a spontaneous, created one maybe?

07 Dec 2018

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