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Starvation as a weapon of war...

Pitch Starvation as a weapon of war...

In the seven decades since World War II, the numbers of people who die from famines fell spectacularly. The drumbeat of 10 million starving every decade faded to a small fraction of that toll, and the near-elimination of famine mortality is one of the great achievements of our time. Today, however, the global decline in famines and famine deaths has suddenly halted and is being reversed. The increase is not due to climate or natural disaster; it is driven by war, blockade, hostility to humanitarian principles, and a volatile global economy.


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25 Nov 2018

Subroom: Famine & War


Thank you Enrico!

28 Nov 2018

Good one.

26 Nov 2018

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26 Nov 2018


25 Nov 2018

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