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New York Times Fantasy

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1 day before the fake bombs scare, the NYT fantasises about Trump assassinaton. Then, as usual, the NYT keeps blaming Trump for the latest violences.

If rhetoric was to blame... how much responsibility the media have?

On one hand the media feed on and fuel violent rhetoric, division, fake news, etc, on the other hand all the blame falls on Trump, never on them.

The established media pretend to have a conscience, but responsibility, never. That's quite a fantasy indeed.

28 Oct 2018


Another example here:

31 Oct 2018

(Oops, many mispelling mistakes etc,,, from a lazy laptop with little time)

29 Oct 2018

Anila, I love your comments, but I need to refresh your talkinTrump is not Bush (neo-con, pro war), he is pro-econmy-not war.

The Dems and the media have been at war with Trump from the beggining, how many death threats have been made on CNN only? Having Schummer or the CIA (Mudd) calling for his assassiation on CNN many times doesn't sound like a joke. Calling him a Nasi, justifying Antifa vilences and BLM calls to murder cops, etc. 93% negative coverage of Trump on mainstream media, Silence on his successes. Clinton calling for the end of Civility one week before the bomb scare.

Hey, there is no space here to name all the hate from the left and even the right against this guy and his family .

At least there is a degree of humour when he goes over the top, Don't forget, he's a show man too. No humour on MSM. But they take a word from Trump and make it a bomb?

Can't you see the hypocrisy there? So, unless you lack some memory and measure, this talking point is pure BS. I thought this cartoon was enough of an example of that,

I'd rather answer to that with a few more cartoons,

29 Oct 2018

So, there's gasoline, and there's the spark plus wind?
Left to their own, they are largely harmless.
But one can ignite/fan the horror that follows.
Remember, when Bush was still President, a movie came out with the title "Death of the President"

29 Oct 2018

Thanks mate.

28 Oct 2018

Excellent summary, awesome visual! My vote NEMO

28 Oct 2018

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