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COP 15 Hopes For Success, Climate Running Out of Time

COP 15 Hopes For Success, Climate Running Out of Time

There have been countless talks and confrences on the impact of greenhouse emissions on climate change, time is running out for talking, action is needed now or we will all perish. For more cartoons on climate change, visit our entire collection.

10 Dec 2009


I’d love to see an update of this.

08 Nov 2017

Thank you Myvanwy.. you have an interesting way of looking at it, my view is that I will do my best to slow down climate change because of my two kids, i want to them to enjoy flowing rivers, clean air and adequate rainfall just as their daddy did, what happens after them I cant control, I will just do my part.... a bit selfish eh?

21 Feb 2011

I'm just wondering... The Earth will not become a suitable habitat for us humans, but it most probably will be for other species. What makes us so important that we have to change the climate for? I mean, if we become extinct, new species will arise some day, just like how the first life on Earth came to be. But there even might've been life before that... Just stating a thought.

21 Feb 2011

Without the talks, there won't be any actions to affect the situation. And now with the talks, it's the same thing. It doesn't make any sense. Time is running out indeed.
A very well drawn cartoon too, great job.

21 Feb 2011

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