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Active participation - sketch 13

Pitch Active participation - sketch 13

What happens if people are not put at the centre of humanitarian action, and they are not allowed to actively participate in the process? Result: Their needs which are most important to them are left unmet, and this is particularly true of vulnerable and socially excluded people.

13 Oct 2018

Subroom: Humanitarian Charter


Thank you my friend Antonio!

17 Oct 2018

Outstanding, Mohsen !! here my vote

16 Oct 2018

Many thanx dar Pete!

15 Oct 2018

Thanks my friend Anilamation!

15 Oct 2018

Wonderful !
Lose an eye, one can still see with the other.
Lose a heart, one wonders if a replacement is the same...

15 Oct 2018

I love this one

15 Oct 2018

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