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Dems Like Killing Babies

Pitch Dems Like Killing Babies

Short in plain English for SCHUMER:

“Judge Kavanaugh doesn't belong on the bench because he obscured his views, shrouding his juries jurisprudence in spoke so thick the American people would never know what he really believed. Judge Kavanaugh doesn't belong on the bench because he was chosen by a president and a far right organization, both dedicated to overturning and undermining Roe v Wade and he did not a thing to refute the presumption that he would want to overturn it too."

(Democrats blocked a bill to limit late abortions at 20 weeks in January, some push for "post-birth abortion")

07 Oct 2018


Thanks Noor. Most prefer to ignore it.

12 Oct 2018

Thanks for saying what had to be said.

12 Oct 2018

Thanks #6

08 Oct 2018

Brilliant mate, thanks for bringing this up. Vote number 6.

08 Oct 2018

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