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Judge Kavanaugh goes for a "job interview" and gets trapped in a political circus, a sham of justice. Guilty by accusation by the Democrats and the mass media before any hearing... before due process, without presumption of innocence.

27 Sep 2018


very good job

16 Oct 2018

Good job ,once again Nemo. I have seen this guy a few times (not friends but same hood). So this guy is really good ( managed to draw old style a picture of my girlfriend and me in what less then 7 minutes).

01 Oct 2018

Sure Boised. AS I said on the description: "Judge Kavanaugh goes for a "job interview" and gets trapped in a political circus, a sham of justice. " Who did that? I gess it's OK then, seeing lawmakers from the left put a judge in such a position of guilt by accusation, not respecting basic principles. Everyone can see that, except for their blinded partisans and totalitarian ideologues and trolls... like you?

29 Sep 2018

Presumption of innocence applies to legal trials, not to job interviews.

29 Sep 2018

Gracias Ramses :)

28 Sep 2018

Thanks for not falling for the easy propaganda Pete. People enjoy too much the circus without questionning it. I appreciate your critical thinking too.

28 Sep 2018

Thank you NEMO for shining the light on this. I appreciate your work. GREAT drawing too. My vote

28 Sep 2018

This man has been through 6 FBI investigations for the purpose of his career already.

At this point 2 sets of allegations have been rejected for lack of basis.

Dr. Ford's allegations about an abuse sometime somewhere by Kavanaugh haven't been corraborated by the named witnesses.

Senator Feinstein sit on the information during the whole process. You don't call the FBI on yourself. If Dr. Ford and Feinstein didn't register a criminal complaint... Well that alone should tell you something...

Maybe she really suffered a real attempt of abuse, but she has no evidence to accuse judge Kavanaugh.

Schumer declared war on him, "by all means necessary", 30 min after him being nominated, just because the conservatives would gain maority at the Supreme Court. They decided to destroy him or whatever nominee rom the beginning...

If you can't see a dirty smear campaign at play here, helped by media hysteria, and the usual tactics to mark points before the midterms, by destroying these people, the process, and the principles of justice... Well, I'll let you be the judges on this.

27 Sep 2018

Are you watching the hearing? They keep asking, over and over, for the FBI to look into the very serious accusations that have been brought up.

27 Sep 2018

Hahahaha... Kava nope...!

27 Sep 2018

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