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Destroyer of Worlds

Pitch Destroyer of Worlds

The spectre of nuclear annihilation hangs over our world while warring nations with different agendas face off in the Middle East.

International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons.

September 26.

26 Sep 2018


Very good cartoon, my vote, Pete.

26 Sep 2018

Thank you Anilamation, Thank you NEMO, thank you Moshe.

Abaddon, a fallen angel, mentioned in Revelation 9:11, who leads an end-times demonic army against mankind..
I tried putting horns on it, but decided against it as it would've opened itself up to even more ridicule than it does now.

26 Sep 2018

Great image. The nuclear fairy?
But I don't get the connection to the subject.
Or is it supposed to be the Vietnam napalm girl?

26 Sep 2018

Such a creepy spectre, my vote again

26 Sep 2018

That is some brilliant artwork!
And the spectre of nuclear annihilation looks like a forest fairy to some...

26 Sep 2018

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