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Fake News on The Weather Channel, faking strong winds

I believe this reporter was trying to fake this storm chaser, fighting the real thing, funny thing... wearing the same colors.

19 Sep 2018


Well, weirdly the Weather Channel gets #1 on the Hot list here, thanks to a fake report... Thank you all

25 Sep 2018


24 Sep 2018

Haha! Funny.

23 Sep 2018

Hehehe !! Buenísimo, NEMO!!

23 Sep 2018

Funny one.

21 Sep 2018

Hahahahaha... those guyssss!!!

20 Sep 2018

Good one!

20 Sep 2018

great work again Nemo

20 Sep 2018

once again great work Nemo

19 Sep 2018

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