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Mark Knight Cartoon: "How I Should Have Drawn Serena"

Pitch Mark Knight Cartoon: "How I Should Have Drawn Serena"

Mark Knight is a friend of mine. He's given me invaluable advice on numerous occasions and I respect his no-bullshit stance on political correctness.

I also respect his judgement in calling out Serena Williams' recent toxic behaviour.

I'd be interested in what fellow cartoonists think, and their reaction to his latest cartoon

"How I Should Have Drawn Serena".

16 Sep 2018


Yes, it is true that there are always a bunch of advisers who "know how to do better," but I believe that you should not ask anyone how to make your cartoon and how to portray your characters. You are an artist and this is your view of things. If you are satisfied with your work, then all is well.

05 Dec 2018

Really good.
@Ramses: Umberto Eco, a great italian thinker and writer, we miss him in these difficult days...

18 Sep 2018

All there! :)

17 Sep 2018

Absolutely brilliant.

17 Sep 2018

What can I say, Pete... He is an excellent cartoonist and his cartoon about Serena Williams was satanized by the hordes of brainless FB... Like Eco said: Social Media gives the chance to express and opinion to people that before used to scream in the Bar, in the street, in the toilet... those people now have an important weight in the Social Media...

17 Sep 2018

All is said here it seems.

16 Sep 2018

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