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North Korea 70

Pitch North Korea 70

Plenty of military might on display at North Korea parade, but no nukes on 70th anniversary.


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15 Sep 2018


Ramses, Pete, Enrico, 감사합니다.

25 Sep 2018

Really good.

18 Sep 2018

I like this guy too, he doesn't even let his family mess with him, overkills them. He's a caricature by hmself, he doesn't need our help.

17 Sep 2018

Thanks Pete.
You'll see the biplanes in the parade videos. Maybe because slow plane are preferable. Still, bi-planes? Original!

16 Sep 2018

I just saw the old-fashioned bi-planes up there... awesome

16 Sep 2018

Ripping cartoon. The PC police might hate your depiction of Kim though. My vote, spectacular as usual

16 Sep 2018

I love everyone!

16 Sep 2018

Gracias Ramses.:)
Quien no te gusta?

15 Sep 2018

I love this guy... hahahaha...

15 Sep 2018

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