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New York Trump 2

Pitch New York Trump 2

Same logo, more cartoonish. I'm not sure it's necessary. (But it depends on what type of public I'd try to reach).

I'd appreciate your comments to determine what version I should select.


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07 Sep 2018


Thanks Pete.
Registered members here are mostly cartoonists. I don't know if the general public comes here much. I guess the general public would be me more comfortable with this version where the character is identifiable.
By the way... Tjeerd, maybe you could get the number of views option somewhere (in a discreet way).

08 Sep 2018

I think I like this one, although the other is cleaner.

08 Sep 2018

Hey, that's a good suggestion, I'll try that too. Thanks Tjeerd.
I tried to keep it as thick as the vertical line on the official logo.

08 Sep 2018

I think I like this version best, although you might consider making the lines somewhat thicker, to integrate them more with the logo.

08 Sep 2018

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