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New York Trump

Pitch New York Trump

Trump has a new logo idea for the failing New York Times... :D

(That's my third cartoon in 10 days with a reference to the Times... They must be doing something really wrong to get my attention, haha!)


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07 Sep 2018


Another perfect fit indeed, Pete

09 Sep 2018

Yep, hahaha! I see what ypu mean about the diamond...
I did one about the NYT last year when they were accused of publishing stories which defended ISIS atrocities in Syria and Iraq. For that one, I had a red crescent like you have and the diamond became a red star. Islamic Star and crescent.
It think it got one vote LOL.

08 Sep 2018

At the moment I like both versions. The Times' diamond on their T fits Trump's pout. And it's a T, of course. It's perfect, haha!

08 Sep 2018

I like this one as well. Hard to choose

08 Sep 2018

Gracias 'Tonio, me agrada que te guste.

08 Sep 2018

Oh la lá !! he he great work, dear NEMO !! clever and funny my friend. Here my vote

08 Sep 2018

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