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News Is Not Your Friend

Pitch News Is Not Your Friend

While the US Left was busy filling their pants over Alex Jones, Facebook was busy suppressing Leftist media outlets like Electronic Intifada and TeleSur -- with the blessing and assistance of right-wing NATO lobbyists The Atlantic Council.

"Fake News Is Not Your Friend" shout Facebook's billboards in our cities; it's obvious now that the subtext here is actually just "News Is Not Your Friend".


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28 Aug 2018


Weird... Interesting.
Are they trying to take a "fair" posure with this? we hit Jones and the conservatives. Backlash. OK, now the far-left, see?
I didn't know Telesur was considered "extreme". I'll look into it.
Man, big censorship at work before the midterms, eh!

28 Aug 2018

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