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#TwitterLeft #LeftTwitter for Mastodon

Pitch #TwitterLeft #LeftTwitter for Mastodon

Recently, Facebook suppressed Leftist news network TelSur, taking down its page for the second time, replacing it only after the US Left pulled its mouth off of Alex Jones' ass and raised hell on behalf of an actual journalistic outlet threatened by US corporate censorship.

Soon after, Twitter began a mass purge of long-time Leftist activist and journalist accounts. On top of the TeleSur ban, this was the backbreaker; seemingly overnight, Leftist Twitter users by the thousands migrated to Mastodon, a free/open-source decentralized non-corporate-owned Twitter alternative at


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25 Aug 2018


Good one.

27 Aug 2018

Yes !! very good one, Mike! voted

27 Aug 2018

Good for Mastodon

26 Aug 2018

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