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Banning Alex Jones

Pitch Banning Alex Jones

After banning less prominent conservatives, in 12 hours Alex Jones was banned from Apple, then Youtube, Facebook and Spotify, and Twitter yesterday.

As he uses to say: "If they shut us down, you are next!"

A. Jones has a large following.

How can that happen simultaneously? Are we looking at a coordinated attack on free speech from the liberal media and Silicon Valley?


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15 Aug 2018


Hecrackart, I appreciate your comment.
I shouldn't engage in long discussions though, I have cartoons to do. And I think my cartoon says it all:
"If they shut us (or ANYONE) down, you're next."

Now, if you need more... When you have CNN, seen by almost nobody -- they have to pay to be on airports and hotels -- calling for a ban on Jones with a large audience, how does it look like? Failing established media against alternative media... They can't compete, they try to ban the competition.
When justifying anyone's free speech to be banned you open the door to be the next one, for whatever reason they'll pretext next. You're too white, too straight, you read the Bible, you're too sexy for this job, you always dress in black (I was actually fired from one of my jobs for that stupid reason, haha), etc.

All ideas should be discussed in the public square. The more relevant survive, and everyone benefits from it. That's the healthy way.
Shutting down those you disagree with makes the discussion poorer and sterile.

"Oh you're so right, I totally agree with you in everything." Then you get bored and find a new reason to hate and purge your ex-camrades and further the divisions and bans. Where does it stop? That's insanity.

Hate speech you say...
Something you read about him? Did you verify it? Has he been condemned in court for that? Or you just believed what you've been told by MSM? They never lie...

Has Antifa been banned? BLM? They call for violence all the time. Maxine Waters calls for harassment of anyone related to or supporting Trump's administration. Threat's on his family. Bullying of his 11 year old kid. Hollywood celebrities, TV anchors, contributors, ex CIAs on CNN or MSNBC call for the murder of their president almost weekly... They haven't been banned. And that's a felony under US law. Trump didn't jail any of these idiots... That tells you what a bad tyrant he is...

Those expressing hate speech are the ones calling for the end of free speech for those they disagree with... Isn't that ironic?

Corporations as "persons", I know, it's a weird concept.
How many persons do you know with a global reach and control over what people say? We're a private company, we decide what suits us...
But, with such a monopole, being US companies, largely funded by government funds at their start, based on military tech funded by taxes, shouldn't they be rooted on US values and laws, shouldn't they be platforms for free speech?

How do you call several "persons" colluding against one same target on the same day in a few hours? A conspiration. Those corporations just proved Jones right on his "conspiracy theories" about them.

25 Aug 2018

The choice to remove him from the sites is the free expression of the sites, since corporations are "people", right? yeah that was one of your (sides) ideas too.... and if we negate that, say the sites aren't "people," then we can surmise that real people (the majority of the population, and people like myself) are calling on them to take down people that preach hate and crazy hallucinations, that REALLY don't pass the smell test. I'm not saying I LIKE main stream media and their obvious focus on the negative either....

24 Aug 2018


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to expand on this with your question.

Who told you that? Mainstream media? They never lie, right?
They never promote unjustifiable wars by demonizing the target before, right? Do you remember "Iraq has WMDs"? Do you remember the false polls in 2016, "Hillary has 90% chances to win", one hour before the results?
AP lied about Jones radio being shut down. It was some pirate radio closed since december. A photo of "Jones arrested" comes from 2016 when police ere protecting him from the violent Antifa... See, more lies.
Didn't they call for Twitter to ban the President?
Clearly, you have a serous problem when the press based of free speech is calling for censorship.

Do you know all the suits against Jones appear to be based on false allegations to attack him financially, to demonize him in the media and justify a censorship campaign? Do you know he beat 6 of those 13 lawsuits already?

You want to believe serial liars?
Do you want private companies to be the judges and cops of your freedom of expression. Do you want them to decide who should have a voice or not? Should they be the judges? Do you want them to have that power, to be politically biased and erase anyone they dislike?

*** I'm defending free speech ***

*** It's an attack on free speech ***

They mainly target strong conservatives and libertarians, falsely labelled as "alt-right or far right". Demonization, see?
Even Sanders has been labelled "too far right" by the new social democrats, haha.

Should we leave you alone and rot when they come for you for one "wrong" thing you said or didn't say on Facebook one day?

Because the mainstream media campaign against someone, it doesn't mean it's true. It means they want to destroy their target.
We need critical thinking and investigative journalism. If you accept limits on free speech, if you accept Jones and others to be shut down... YOU ARE NEXT!

I hope my answer can shed some light on you and maybe others. Peace.

17 Aug 2018

You do realize that Alex Jones made defamatory comments regarding Sandy Hook, right? Why defend a man who made such nasty comments regarding school shooting victims?

17 Aug 2018

And still, I'm told somewhere here that censorship called by the media and applied by social media is a "conspiracy theory"...

16 Aug 2018

Thanks Fadi and Pete.

(I put way too much time on this one. BUT...)

16 Aug 2018

Excellent as always, outstanding caricature NEMØ. My vote

16 Aug 2018

Like it!

16 Aug 2018

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