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The ugly side of war

Pitch The ugly side of war

What is the result of all these eternal conflicts around the world. An insecure younger generation on the making. 
A slightly different perspective on the Yemen School bus air strike. 8 year old Zia is no more, but he left behind a smiley on his school notebook for us to think.


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14 Aug 2018


Imaginary? OK. I thought it was from the bombing site... all the rest looks good

15 Aug 2018

Hi NEMØ, thank you for your very valid observation; it will certainly help me to look carefully into fine details and nuances in future work.

The eight year old Zia is my imaginary character, as well his notebook.

And, thank you too Pete.

15 Aug 2018

I didn't follow that story, but this doesn't look like a 8 year old writting at all...

14 Aug 2018

Great image Reynold

14 Aug 2018

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