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Enemy of the People

Pitch Enemy of the People

Donald Trump continues to demonize the press at every turn and refers to it as the "enemy of the people." Such talk calls to mind tactics of brutal dictators, and Trump seems to admire them greatly.


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09 Aug 2018


I believe in this case the nuance is too obvious.
The media keep demonizing him constantly no matter what (good) he does or not. The coverage is 95% negative. That's propaganda level, dictature press.

Who engages in censorship? Dictatures.
Who is engaging censorship in the US today?
The media: CNN, MSNBC + Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the Dems calling for a censorship regulation on the web.
It's your opinion and shared by most here.

By looking at these facts, how can so many cartoonists, pretending to be on the freedom side, go along with the censoring forces and make Trump the demon?

09 Aug 2018

Trump has used various words and phrases to attack the media, including "enemy of the people." The point is not whether the cartoon uses one of the exact phrases you mention, but that he is constantly attacking and demonizing the news media, something common in dictatorships but alien to the United States.

09 Aug 2018

I regret informing you he's been saying and twitting all along for so long "Fake news media is the enemy" or "dishonest media" and not "Media is the enemy". Repeatedly. Why such an obvious manipulation of a fact anyone can verify every week or so?
You didn't know or you want to believe a lie?
(Please verify: watch any of his rallies, or go read his tweets)

09 Aug 2018

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