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cross the wall (again)

Pitch cross the wall (again)

Art. 13: Everyone has the right to freedom of movement.


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16 Jul 2018

Subroom: UN Human Rights


yes you are right NEMØ :)

Thanks Enrico

17 Jul 2018

Good one.

17 Jul 2018

Haha!. Everyone is free to leave your house then.
(Good cartoon anyway).

16 Jul 2018

Art.13 = "Everyone has the right to freedom of movement"

In Art.13, it is not written "Everyone has the right to enter my house"
(my house is too small for that use)

16 Jul 2018

I like the cartoon.
But some of these wishful articles make no sense in the real world (this one for example). "Everyone", without exception, anyone. Would you allow anyone to enter your house?

16 Jul 2018


16 Jul 2018

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