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European Union Fireworks

Pitch European Union Fireworks

All show, no substance.

Just like the European Union's latest irresponsible, buck-passing

"migration plan".


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30 Jun 2018


It would have seemed more natural for cultural reasons and proximity. The Emirates don't take refugees. But, hey, they're part of the destabilisation plan... Humanitarianism is not part of the plan it seems. Do you see the UN pressing hard for those countries to open their borders? Interesting...

30 Jun 2018

Thanks for the vote! What about the oil-rich gulf countries taking some of the people in? Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE etc. WHY weren't they included in this migration program.

30 Jun 2018

a good plan would be not to create waves of refugees with destabilizing illegal conflicts instead of helping those countries to develop for themselves. my vote.

30 Jun 2018

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