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Selective Outrage / Illegals Family Separation

Pitch Selective Outrage / Illegals Family Separation

FLORES SETTLEMENT, applied by the previous administrations, including Obama until he created a Catch & release situation...

On January 28, 1997, during the administration of President Bill CLINTON, the parties agreed to a consent decree regarding immigration detention standards for children and in which the government agreed to keep children in the least restrictive setting possible and to ensure the prompt release of children from immigration detention.


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29 Jun 2018


Gracie Enrico

02 Jul 2018

Good one.

02 Jul 2018

Yes, it drives me to despair. Still, keep telling the truth and exposing the lies NEMO, it's all we can do.

30 Jun 2018

Well thanks. As you can see not a popular cartoon here. People will rather jump on any media hysteria without verifying the info. SAD (haha!)

30 Jun 2018

Love it. Excellent image, caricatures, humour and message. My vote NEMO

30 Jun 2018

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