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Israel  against BDS

Pitch Israel against BDS

We welcome news that @Argentina's "friendly" football match with Israel has been canceled! The team responded to creative campaigning from fans around the world denouncing Israel’s sports-washing of its crimes against Palestinians. : Take note! #NothingFriendly #Argentina #BDS


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07 Jun 2018


I don't like the Israeli government any more than you do areziq.
But I dislike even more the rats of the PIJ sent in by BDS to make death threats against football players and their families because their political blackmailing is being ignored.
I studied these issues at a high level for years and have worked in this field areziq.
"Not correct, Pete" doesn't suffice. If you want a discussion about this, Mo's cartoon isn't the place to continue it.
Have a nice day.

08 Jun 2018

Not correct, Pete.

08 Jun 2018

Hi Mo.
With great respect to you, the Argentine F.A boss was concerned about the team's wellbeing and cancelled the match in response to death threats against his star players, not down to creative BDS campaigning. Match to be rescheduled after the World Cup.
My vote for the illustration, well done. ☺


07 Jun 2018

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