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Dump Shell

Pitch Dump Shell

This sketch for an environmental illustration was rejected this week. Bummer, because I really liked the concept. So I decided to make it anyway!

19 Apr 2018


@Nemo, actually the illustration brief was specifically about the rejection of Shell. But they rejected the sketch not because they didn't like the concept, but because they needed the illustration to be simpler and more logo-like. It's to be used in a campaign and needs to be recognizable from a distance on banners and such. I've submitted a revised sketch, so we'll see.

21 Apr 2018

They rejected your rejection...
Yeah, I like to see the theme of sea creatures united in their rejection of Shell corp
(the cause was probably your targetting of that corporation)

20 Apr 2018


20 Apr 2018

Great work, Tjeerd !! you made a good decision! my vote here

20 Apr 2018

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