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Yaser Murtaja, Presente!

Pitch Yaser Murtaja, Presente!

In memory and solidarity with the Palestinian journalist murdered by the IDF this past week at the Gaza Land Day protests.

08 Apr 2018


great Dear and thank you

10 Apr 2018

Really good.

09 Apr 2018

Thanks, Pete. I've actually been knocking out a bunch of stuff lately, but it's all been US-specific issue pieces (US Federal cannabis scheduling) or just riffing on the ongoing Liberal/DNC neo-McCarthyist shit-flinging freak show. But, yeah, this is the first "international" issue thing I've done since, like last December, the Nse Ramon thing. The DNC Russophobic hysteria is a cartoonist's gold mine, but it's beating my brain into hamburger.

09 Apr 2018

Excellent Mike! and welcome back

09 Apr 2018

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