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"One rotten egg spoils twenty fresh ones". - Old English proverb.


Every time a terrorist attack is carried out by an Islamist in the "name of Islam" it makes Islam in general look bad, because both Islamist extremists and moderate Muslims use the same religious phrases, look to the same prophet's teachings for inspiration and invoke the same deity in prayer.

To the untrained western eye these links condemn both extremism and moderate Islam.

Therefore, can Islamist extremism ever be defeated, because of these intimate links?

Interesting discussion if anyone wants it.

08 Apr 2018


good job

10 Apr 2018

Thanks Moshe. That's a good idea, maybe it all starts at grass-roots level in the mosque. And for Imams to report suspicious people in the flock. And lastly.. you wrote "anti-Islamists"... I think you meant anti-Muslims, as I would hope every sane person is opposed to Islamists, seeing as how Islamists blow people to smithereens with suicide belts, run them over with cars and fly planes into buildings.

09 Apr 2018

Good idea, good cartoon.
I would say it is moderate Muslims' duty, more than others', to speak out against and condemn extremism and violence. Maybe by doing so they can help convince anti-Islamists that there are good eggs too.

08 Apr 2018


08 Apr 2018

Спасибо, Владимир

08 Apr 2018

Очень точно. Мой голос.

08 Apr 2018

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