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Youtube Purge

Pitch Youtube Purge

Abusive censorship on Youtube. Contrary to what we might have been told, it's not about hate speech. Anyway, that's against Free Speech.

Excuse: we hired 10 000 "moderators" (censors), they need to be "trained" (they tend to block anything they dislike, even popular center-left channels or not politically-correct jokers like the famous gamer Pewdiepie).

Then a host site for my cartoons goes on my back and changes my keywords (changing the message) to fit their own opinion. I wrote them quite a proportionate complaint (heavy).

Censorship is getting hostile everywhere at this point.

12 Mar 2018


Love this

25 Apr 2018

good one

10 Apr 2018

Excellent, NEMO

12 Mar 2018

Well done.

12 Mar 2018

No longer Free Internet...

12 Mar 2018

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