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Suppression of the Left: Union Made in the USA

Pitch Suppression of the Left: Union Made in the USA

So far, at least five of the USA's major labor unions have endorsed Barack Obama for re-election, despite his cozy relationship with bankers and Wall Street, his warmongering overseas, and his horrendous civil liberties record. Sadly, ironically, it seems that the biggest obstacle to the struggle for workers' rights in the USA is the unions.

21 Dec 2011

Subroom: Occupy



01 Jan 2012

Occupy Everywhere ! even unions !!!!
My vote too

23 Dec 2011

my vote, amen.

22 Dec 2011

exactly. sindicalism usually ends up in a new jerarchic party which shuts up someonelse's voice and instrumentalize the vox populi. is an endless circle and it'll always be I guess

21 Dec 2011

Spectacular as usual. Best wishes, Mike!

21 Dec 2011

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