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Myanmar: Centres for returning Rohingya refugees !

Pitch Myanmar: Centres for returning Rohingya refugees !

Myanmar’s Minister of Social Welfare, Win Myat Aye said Myanmar will start repatriation of Rohinyga refugees on January 22 as centres for returning Rohingya refugees in final stages. WinMyat Aye also metioned returning refugees who are processed at the two reception centres must adhere to the curfew and not go outside after 6pm. The question is knowing that the continued repression and discrimination the returning Rohingyas will face, where they are considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, and are denied access to basic services,where the Rohingyas stand about returning to Myanmar?

08 Jan 2018


Thanks pete.
Thanks Areziq, Reading your comment makes me sad.

10 Jan 2018

They will never allow them to go to their homes ever. We lived the same exact story since 70 years, and we are still waiting

09 Jan 2018

Vibrant, lovely

08 Jan 2018

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