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Trump supporters like it fakewise

Pitch Trump supporters like it fakewise

Trump supporters are three times more likely to fall in for fake news and to share them.

03 Jan 2018


You should most desperately learn to read and to understand, what you ´ ve read before using a keyboard to let steam of your bubble-tension.

See: you ´ ve just stated, that the university of exeter, the college of dartmouth and the university of princeton provide willingly misleading and intentionally biased information.

Obviously you‘ve just read my cartoon and saw the link to make up your judgement. I as a political cartoonists do not have the freedom for such superficial research. I read the study the article referred to, and as a professor i found systematic and data base according to common scientific standards.

The conclusion „I don ´ t like what I read, threfore it is neccessarily false“ maybe true - if you life on a flat earth.

Again, I said it before: I think you are not a cartoonist and you are here for trolling your bubblesights. So in my opinion you are the wrong guy in the wrong cabinet.

Sincerely, Guido.

05 Jan 2018

Keep deriding Trump supporters. It only makes you look foolish. Especially when you get your inspiration from the New York Times, second only to CNN for fake news. Sorry but bad cartoon based on bad information.

04 Jan 2018

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