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Free Ahed Tamimi

Pitch Free Ahed Tamimi


30 Dec 2017


Gemma 1 write me, my mail is :

05 Jan 2018

I wrote to the website administration but no reply as yet...

04 Jan 2018

Gemma1, you can ask staff Cartoon Movement, if you have problems tell me.

04 Jan 2018

Hello Paolo

Very nice work. I found it when I was looking on Google where could I order a tote bag with FREE AHED TAMIMI - the message must be spread as widely as possible, especially in such countries as my homecountry Lithuania, which is quite ignorant. Would it be possible to print it on a tote bag - with your signature? Many thanks, Gemma

03 Jan 2018

Grazie Miguel

31 Dec 2017

Grazie Enrico

30 Dec 2017

Well done.

30 Dec 2017

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