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14 Dec 2011


Thanks guys :-)

cbins , I'm an anti-extremism cartoonist so I painted many cartoons about this subject already

I'm waiting to see what they are going to do. When I talked to many of them I found that they know they have to be more moderate to avoid a second revolution. I'm monitoring them that's all.

15 Dec 2011

By the way I like this - but is it a general depiction of the US losing power or are you referring to egypt?! (I guess it is applicable in many situations)

14 Dec 2011

Hey Sherif check out today's cartoon about the jack in the box.. Want to hear what you think about it!

14 Dec 2011

No strings attached!!!

14 Dec 2011


14 Dec 2011

Waw... relly true..very vote !!..

14 Dec 2011

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