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Water Restrictions

Pitch Water Restrictions

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything for so long, I truly am. I've had some family and school matters to deal with and i hope you'll forgive me for taking so long. For this drawing i used color pencils. I don't like it a lot, i think i'll try using water colors next time. I used brighter colors for the right side and darker colors for the left. For some reason the woman on the right looks so much more defined, I think because of her light skin tone. I also touched it up a little on paint. I used some negative space on the top, what do you think? Thank you so much, and I am SO SO sorry!!

09 Dec 2011


I like the Idea Dena....but u could make it better by adding short text, like the women in the left is (Africa or middle east) and the other is (US)....just for the concept will be vote to regards

27 Dec 2011

Oh and while scanning i heightened the contrast. I hope it helped.

09 Dec 2011

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