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Rain of Lies

Rain of Lies

By nature governments will always try to paint a better picture of society than the reality allows. Media are the first of defense that ensures the truth to be told. Click here to see all our cartoons about press freedom.

13 Dec 2012



10 Dec 2014

Wonderful I agree all the way with you

29 Nov 2014

great cartoon!

13 Dec 2012

Very graphic cartoon guys and speaks volumes about the state of play in the UK at the moment :-(

09 Sep 2012

Thank you, Richard.

23 Feb 2011

Cartoons are always full of symbols. In this picture people going in a big city in bad weather where lies circling around them instead of rain drops. This means that we live constantly surrounded by a lie and the only thing that protects us from it is free press, which is used as a protective umbrella.

17 Feb 2011

I don`t really understand what you mean with this cartoon, could you explain it to me?
I am working on a school project and we have to think of a idee to make a cartoon. I really want to understand this cartoon so i could get more ideas my self.
Thank you.

16 Feb 2011

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