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Africa's Neverending Cycle

Africa's Neverending Cycle

Africa has been referred to by some as the lost continent. Civil war and other conflicts are abundant and seemingly endless, and so is the stream of refugees. Click here for more cartoons about immigration.

22 Oct 2012


Excellent cartoon I agree with you all the way

29 Nov 2014

It's an excellent cartoon. Congratulations

12 Nov 2012

Where are the conections to neo-colonial influence ? The propping up of dictators by western powers and multinationals in order to defend and promote western interests ? The false reasons for NATO's bombing of Lybia, the Iran plan which demands first the toppling of the Syrian regime, and the creation of a string of "failed states"...

This cartoon is not connecting the dots. Which makes it no better than a complacent lie.

22 Oct 2012

Yet another excellent Svitalsky cartoon.

30 Jan 2011

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