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Beware of Fake News in Terrorism

Pitch Beware of Fake News in Terrorism

Terrorism is not only killing people, but also creating bad news. In Myanmar, a lot of fake news are spreading throughout the world regarding with Rakhine Issue.

01 Sep 2017


Thanks.. Maurock! Your opinion is too likely!

10 Sep 2017

Thank you.. everyone!

10 Sep 2017

My vote. It is a UK-US deal against China, which has invested heavily on the Arakan-Rakhine hydrocarbons. It is also an attempt to sow discord in ASEAN (between Myanmar and Indonesia + Malaysia, muslims). The world' s major media circuits know well who they are controlled and these are therefore the results of misinformation. Saudi and Pakistani send guerrilla leaders and money to encourage Rohingya's jihad in Myanmar, repeating CIA operations against Soviet influence in Afghanistan. The Rohingya are now the Big Game chips and they will suffer.

09 Sep 2017

my vote

06 Sep 2017

Excellent and accurate work, Kyaw ! my vote

04 Sep 2017

So, it is not the Myanmar regime that makes those crimes. You are so funny really

01 Sep 2017


01 Sep 2017

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