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Mr Minniti, Italian Interior Minister, threatens to block italian ports to foreign ships wanting to land refugees gathered in the Mediterranean. The absurd agreements of Dublin are likely to blow up the european migration bomb

29 Jun 2017


Your analisy seems to me nearly true. It could be so. But you forget to indicate what solution could be applied without a mondial agreement and only remembering to Italy the Dublino's rules.
True the business over the immigraton but unfortunately true also the numerous immigration causes. And not only from Siria.

01 Jul 2017

Most of those ships are halted close to home then ESCORTED to Italian ports ~ more than 3/4 of the trip away from where they were "rescued" from flimsy ratts. Where did the rafts come from? From MAJOR ships owned by people who profit from the immigration business. They pick up these immigrants and fill these cheap boats to the brim, creating the crisis, and the Europeans in their decency feel compelled to rescue these invaders. These are NOT Syrian refugees!

30 Jun 2017

Thank you Pete

29 Jun 2017

Great cartoon

29 Jun 2017

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