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So, yet again, Western media darlings the White Helmets have been caught assisting ISIS and other militant groups in beheadings and decaptitated body disposals in Syria.

Still, the White Helmets are the good guys, right? I mean, the US media told us so, and Netflix made that documentary about them that won an Oscar n'stuff, right? Right?

24 Jun 2017


LOL Mike. Your questions are so naive! We KNOW you know... Just like the rest of us. Good one as always.

28 Jun 2017

And my vote too.

26 Jun 2017

Propaganda tools for Wahhabism. Disgusting Terrorists. We need to expose them. Thanks for this.

25 Jun 2017

It is nothing but your humble opinion from thousands of kilometers far away. People in the region know the reality.

25 Jun 2017

I'm with you on this Mike. It's strange, because seeing them pulling people out of the rubble goes against their other "activities". I did one on them a couple of months ago but I wasn't nearly as bold on stating what we all suspect is going on, although I did contain a subliminal clue. Anyway, brilliant work, and I hope politics can be put aside and many vote for this. My vote!

25 Jun 2017

My vote.

25 Jun 2017

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