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Islam is a religion of tolerance..

Pitch Islam is a religion of tolerance..

Islam is a religion of tolerance...

02 Nov 2011


Great cartoon dear Mohammad Saba'aneh vote

03 Nov 2011

Boarffff ... look, all our dear religions are talking about loooove, being niiiice to each others, that "god" loooooves usss soooo much so much so much ...

But hey, carefull bcs "god" have a special place too for you if you don't believe in him, and there, it' "eternal PAIN" ...

So far lovy'love ;)

A few days ago in France too, Christians attacked a theater in Paris bcs he was doing a represenation about Jesus Christ. It lasted a few days like that but not too much in the news.

It's not about islam or muslims, but only fanatics.

03 Nov 2011

Most religions are intolerant. But the fact is that modern times demand a new scope on them to avoid conflict between them and about them. Catholics say they're about love but do otherwise... it's no about what they're dogma is but how their followers "follow".

03 Nov 2011

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