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China and EU again

Pitch China and EU again

The previous cartoon was more of a visual gimmick. This is how I really feel about it: It's good news that Trump is being ignored but every time business is done with China, the serious human rights violations there never seem to be an issue.

03 Jun 2017


Thanks, Mary.

09 Jun 2017

great work

05 Jun 2017

Thank you guys, Mohamed and Ramses.

04 Jun 2017

Hahahahahahaha, this is very good!

04 Jun 2017

Well Done, Moshe, My vote.

03 Jun 2017

Thanks, Pete. Your words mean a lot to me.

03 Jun 2017

Great work, a true cartoon excellently done with a caption and all. Gravely important subject well captured. My vote!

03 Jun 2017

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