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Italian landscape

Pitch Italian landscape

The Italian parliament is approving a law that provides prison for journalists: a great way to improve the 73 th place in the world ranking of press freedom...

07 Oct 2011

Subroom: LSE Project: Information


Dear Svitalsky bros., I have terminated the sketch based on your suggestion: thanks!
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14 Oct 2011

You're welcome. I look forward to a new and improved cartoon. I really like this idea.

09 Oct 2011

I made a little change, but I'm working also on your ideas...maybe tomorrow therewil be a new pitch. Thanks!

08 Oct 2011

great idea, Svitalsky! I start to work immediately to make the change, it's very inportant for us to know your opinion to improve ourselves

08 Oct 2011

How about instead of wall on the background make an open newspapers with the words "Press freedom" as the headline on the top?

08 Oct 2011

Great idea, but from the cartoon is not clear that it relates to press freedom. And it is a shame because it is a very good idea!

08 Oct 2011

dicono a Santoro e Travaglio: "Attenti a cosa fate sul vostro "comizi d'amore"

07 Oct 2011

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