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Dinnertime For Democrats

Pitch Dinnertime For Democrats

I'm at the point where I'm thinking it was actually worth it all, just to finally see the Democratic Party having to eat its own dog food.

It's been two months since they lost, and those clowns are still at it -- shrieking, bitching, red-baiting, blame-shifting, finger-pointing -- and it's getting tiresome.

My suggestion to all you Democrats out there is to quit your damn whining and choke it down. There's not a speck of cereal, you know.

10 Jan 2017


Good one.

11 Jan 2017

You' re right: a pitiful sight. My vote.

11 Jan 2017

Very good, Mike!

11 Jan 2017

I'm with you Mike. Awesome composition and so true. My vote

10 Jan 2017

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