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President Trump... Like many around the world I'm left asking how this could have happened and why. A sentiment of sheer bloody-mindedness seems to have the upper hand in the USA (and elsewhere).

09 Nov 2016


Where are you now, Noor, and how do you feel about the way things are going in Syria?

20 Jun 2017

Noor, if - and it's a huge if - Trump proves to be the less hawkish it will be the sole benefit of his presidency. A candidate endorsed wholeheartedly by the KKK, the white supremacist moment and the alt right simply cannot be a good thing. I agree he should be given a chance to lead but only so that everyone can see him fail utterly and get this last, venomous hate spasm of red state america, who after eight years still can't accept that someone other than a middle aged white man might occupy the oval office, out of their system. And all that presupposes that he'll actually serve; in truth, the president elect is Mike Pence who'll have to cover for Trump who time and again has proven he's too thin-skinned, vulgar, easily bored, illiterate for the job. he also had a wave of law suits pending - first up is the Trump University fraud case, Nov. 28th. Keep watching!

10 Nov 2016

How about a president who does not war with Russia or China? How about a president who fought an election battle against organized slander and used criminal activities to destroy him (and failed). How about a President who stands against the war machine and the NWO? Read beyond the headlines and learn the truth about President Elect Trump. Don't just buy the established mainstream headlines which this cartoon upholds. This man WILL make the world a better place if given the chance.

10 Nov 2016

Well done.

09 Nov 2016

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