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Please don't let your pride get in the way of stopping Trump. We can protest Hillary later, but right now there's just too much at stake.

05 Nov 2016


Well all these misleading directions form folks did not work. Trump won. Hillary and all her cheating ways lost. Be glad the man who does not want to bomb everything in sight, unlike Clinton, won. A person who prefers discussion to bombs is always preferable. A person who is not owned by the banks and the KSA is always preferable. A person whose best friend/aide/etc is NOT a ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood is always the preferable leader for America. Only people who have not read Wikileaks preferred Clinton.

10 Nov 2016


07 Nov 2016

How is Trump going to oppress Muslims? The answer: he isn't.

06 Nov 2016

Yes !! my vote

06 Nov 2016

Die in your rage, Hitlery fascist.

05 Nov 2016

Very good idea, RBS! My vote

05 Nov 2016

What a lovely cartoon Redn, my vote!

05 Nov 2016

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