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Corrupt monster or victim of a coup?

Here are the facts:

Brazil's Senate voted 61-20 on Wednesday to remove President Dilma Rousseff from office for breaking budgetary laws and suspicions of being involved in a nation-wide corruption scandal.

Ms. Rousseff has shown no remorse, vowing to return one day.

31 Aug 2016


I've been following the news about this, and I don't like either of them, Temer or Rousseff.I suppose it depends who you speak to about who is corrupt or not.
I just saw a similarity between Frankensteins profile and Dilma's and I always wanted to do that.
Just so you know bro, you don't have to always vote for my work if you don't agree with it. Cheers though for the vote.

01 Sep 2016

And Michel Temer is the biggest monster, no remorse, no mercy, no soul, a lot of money and the father of corruption... hahahaha, vote for you

01 Sep 2016

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