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North and South

North and South

A cartoon on the exploitation of the south by countries from the north. The north is getting wealthier by using the resources available in Africa.

10 Jul 2012


It is a good one and beautifully done, but it's putting too much blame on the USA, so I have some constructive criticism.

The summary is that the surplus is not anywhere as great as is imagined by the cartoonist, and the 50M working people here, who might have a few dollars left at the end of the month, can not bear the additional cost to generate the true anount of surplus necessary to feed a continent, plus all of the lesser costs like shipment, taxes, fees, and then they have no way to get the food past the corrupt and internally unstable foreign governments to the people in actual need.

People in the USA are some of the most generous, and sure it is because we usually have enough. But if the benefit given away for free to others is not seen as enough, then it is not always our fault in the USA for that. People donate what they can afford, what is left after theor own families have food and shelter. I am not married and have no children, so I have a little extra, and I have given perhaps $5K a year to the poor, some goes out of the USA. - But I am the unusual case. It's very hard for any family in this rotten economy which has been getting worse the last few years. Families have lost thier homes and jobs. There are no open jobs here, except very low-pay ones, and those places will rather hire a 20 year old than a 40 year old with a family. Most families can't just cough up $100 a week to dispose of ($300B is what I have read it would cost to feed and medicine Africa for a year). Nutrition businesses can't afford the real costs of generating so much more produce and not recovering the cost of that.

What others around the world do and how much they in other countries give to prevent African starvation, is completely up to them, but I do not think of them as wasting a giant surplus because such surplusses do not exist anyhwhere. Not today. Others are mistaken to consider the USA in that manner without first looking in the mirror.

If people globally are really serious about ending Africa starvation and want to earn the right to point fingers at others, then it should be a truly global effort, based on per-capita monetary income and GDP, every nation must participate and have a stake in the results. It must be result-oriented. I will say this: just providing food won't fix anything. The place needs to have some kind of industry so the people can begin to generate their own personal or family wealth without oppressive government interference and free from mauraders, or it is doomed.

This is my opinion, I can certainly observe the cartoon and say it without guilt.

03 Nov 2012


17 Aug 2012


19 Jul 2012

Great cartoon, Jean!

10 Jul 2012

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