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20 Jun 2016


Thanks so much for your explanation and your time! It will certainly help me with my essay! It's never easy to get the right point of view when it comes to a cartoon so your explanation is more than welcome!

Thanks a lot, keep the good work!!

20 Feb 2017

Hi, I made this cartoon so here's the explanation of what I meant with it:

The tube of paint represents the European Union. The UK is caught as paint inside the tube. Boris Johnson as falling down/ jumping on the tube, and the impact will cause the paint to fly from the tube, representing the UK leaving the EU.

The blank canvas represents the future of the UK after Brexit. Presumably, Johnson landing on the tube will cause the paint to fly everywhere. It will be a picture of chaos.

The main point of the cartoon is that the outcome of Brexit is uncertain (that is why I've drawn Johnoson before he actually lands on the paint - we do not know what will happen), but it will likely be chaos.

16 Feb 2017

Hi everyone, I know it's a bit late to comment but my teacher gave me an essaye to write on Brexit and he picked this cartoon. I want to make sure I got the point and the message clear? What is your opinion on this cartoon and why the painting?

Any answer would help, cheers!

16 Feb 2017

Nice one.

21 Jun 2016

Thanks guys!

21 Jun 2016

awesome Work Tjeerd,my vote

21 Jun 2016

Great one ! my vote.

20 Jun 2016


20 Jun 2016


20 Jun 2016

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