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Many Faces

Many Faces

With all the bloodshed in various places in the world, it's not difficult to see the many faces of evil.

18 Aug 2011


very smart

11 Dec 2011

im like the idea 100% but u forgot the greatest , maskkkkkk

28 Oct 2011

the real masks of evil are the democratically elected mass murdering leaders of the west, nato, us, norway, germany, france, uk

28 Aug 2011

Thank you Enrico and Amr!

08 Aug 2011

Gorgeous as usual my friend!!!! vote

06 Aug 2011

I agree, very good work Jan-Erik!

06 Aug 2011

Thank you Farhad and Jean!

05 Aug 2011


04 Aug 2011

Very good work man. compliments.

04 Aug 2011

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