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The Syrian Flag

The Syrian Flag

The opposition protests in Syria are beaten down by the Syrian army forces, the result is a large amount of victims in the ranks of the insurgents… This cartoon is available as a t-shirt design in our webshop. To see more cartoons about Syria, visit our collection.

04 Aug 2011


Great toon. Sad but true...

31 May 2012

I like it....

11 Dec 2011

not good

28 Oct 2011

Thank you!

03 Aug 2011

ভাল হইছে! Brilliant

02 Aug 2011

Simple but very very effective! My vote!

02 Aug 2011

concordo con Miguel! è perfetto!

02 Aug 2011

Molto ben fatto, bello, semplice, creativo ed impattante. come non votarlo?

02 Aug 2011

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